Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you deliver?

We currently deliver to the Cincinnati area. Please contact us at for pickup options if you are out of our delivery radius.

What do I do with the board after I’m finished?

If renting, once you are finished with your board, please wipe with a damp cloth and dry COMPLETELY. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMERGE WOOD ITEMS IN WATER! Don’t worry about making it spotless, we will clean and sanitize them once they are home. Boards need to be returned within 3 days of delivery to receive to receive your board deposit back.

What days do you deliver?

We currently deliver Tuesday-Sunday 11am-5pm. Hours may vary during holidays. For optimal freshness, we recommend choosing a delivery time that is closest to your event start time.

What if I’m not home during my requested delivery timeframe?

You are responsible for receiving your board at your requested delivery timeframe. If you would like us to leave your board on the porch or a safe and cool area outside please specify when placing your order. Otherwise your order will be taken back to the store at the end of our route for pickup.

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Can I customize my board?

All our boards are seasonal and product is sourced week to week. Assortments may vary due to availability. You are welcome to request specific items, but requests are not guaranteed. Ordering a large board for a party? Let us know your colors and we will try to coordinate your flowers.

Do crackers or crostini come with the board?

All our crackers and homemade crostinis are an additional charge. We recommend 1 package of cracker or crostini for small boards, 2+ for medium boards, and 3+ for large. Mix and match for exciting flavor combinations.

How long does my board last?

For maximum enjoyment, we suggest receiving your board an hour before your event time. You should refrigerate all boards until 30 minutes before serving. This allows the cheese and meat to come to room temperature to reveal the best flavor or the cheese. You can certainly order a board to enjoy the day before. Please let us know if you will be serving your board the next day so we can curate your board differently.

Will my board fit in the fridge?

All boards should fit in your fridge. Weather permitting your large board can be stored outside (away from Fido!)

I have a food allergy. Can you make sure my board does not have certain accoutrements on it?

Of course! We can assemble any board to accommodate your food allergy. Please note we ARE NOT a nut free kitchen and cannot guarantee the absence of cross contamination. You must specify any food allergies at the time of placing your order.

Do you cater for weddings and corporate events?

Yes! For custom orders over 30 people, please contact us at

Can I get wine paired with my boards/Minis?

We partner with Hart & Cru for wine pairings. Please email us at for more information. This makes a great gift or corporate event offering!

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How do I place an order?

Click here to place your order!

How many days in advance do I need to place my order?

We recommend placing your order as far in advance as possible. A 72-hour notice is required for all orders. We try our best to accommodate last minute orders if space is available but we highly suggest planning ahead! For corporate events and weddings we request a two-week notice. All boards are curated specifically to what is fresh and that takes time!